PLATEA is the presenters’ week at the Santiago a Mil International Festival, where chilean and latin american creators meet with producers and cultural managers from around the world, to promote and expand the performing arts on a global scale. every january, for six days, over 400 professionals gather to watch pieces with international potential, exchange ideas, generate networks, create and develop new projects, and to reflect on the performing arts generated on this side of the world. with the objective of promoting arts residences, the circulation of works, productions and coproductions, we invite you to participate in our program, which includes live performances, panel discussion, visits to venues and studios, showcases and pitch sessions, among other activities.

PLATEA is a Teatro a Mil Foundation project.

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PLATEA es un proyecto de Fundación Teatro a Mil


Estado Vegetal by Manuela Infante.

We look forward to seeing you in PLATEA 20!

© Dragón by Guillermo Calderón | ©Eugenia Paz


The precedent for PLATEA can be found in 2001, when the First Southern Cone Performing Arts Fair (FESUR) took place, and grew year after year, until in 2014, it changed its name to PLATEA. Today is one of the most important exhibition platforms in Latin America, promoting contact between independent professionals, public institutions and private organizations related with production and programming of contemporary artistic expressions. Since 2004, PLATEA has allowed over 800 performances to be programmed at theaters and cultural centers in over 40 countries in five continents.



Carolina Roa

Programmimg Coordinator

Luisa Tupper

Platea General Coordinator

Marta Núñez

Platea 20 Coordinator

Horacio Pérez

Platea 20 Coordinator

Olga Garay

International Senior Advisor