By Nona Fernández

Country Chile

Fuenzalida, Riquelme, Zúñiga, Donoso and Maldonado are a group of tired women with no time or energy left for remembering. Only when their exhausted bodies are sleeping or dreaming do their memories awaken and do they manage to find themselves again. In this vague environment, they try to piece together a shared memory about Estrella González, one of their classmates when they were younger who one day left and never came back after a terrible and real event that scarred their generation for life – the murder of three communists, called the ‘Degollados Case’. Estrella’s father one of the people responsible for this crime and, remembering Estrella, they reconstruct their school years in Chile in the eighties. Dreams and memories. Fragmented memories. Games from the past and the present. What politics is, what violence is, what remembering is. False hands and invading Martians flickering on a TV screen. The tabloids reporting on femicide. A Chevy ploughing through the night and three bodies with their throats slit at dawn. The awakening of little girls from a nightmare. The sleep cycle of a group of tired women, submerged in this frenzied present, trying to wake up.

Technical info

Based on the novel by Nona Fernández | Directed by: Marcelo Leonart| Cast: Carmina Riego, Roxana Naranjo, Francisca Márquez, Ximena Carrera, Nona Fernández | Set and costumes: Catalina Devia | Lighting designer: Andrés Poirot | Producer: Francisca Babul| Coproduced by: the Quilicura Cultural Corporation and the Teatro a Mil Foundation.