Itinerarios: Reinterpretations of the classics

Classics and universal stories, traditions and experiences that connect and touch a wide range of audiences. Plays that manage to transcend time because of their playwrights’ genius and that are always being brought back to the stage in adaptations, reinterpretations and crossovers by contemporary creators.

If you love the performing arts, this itinerary recommends a selection of not-to-be-missed plays. Important tragedies and comedies travel through time and are updated and adapted to new contexts, styles and cultures; outstanding compositions from classical music are brought back and fused with different disciplines; local creations bring back the texts of key Chilean authors such as Juan Radrigán or Alberto Heiremans; the permanent presence, inspiration or critiques of paradigmatic plays from Chilean theater are all part of this journey through eminent names from the performing arts’ past and present.