Itinerarios: Female Creators

Muses, virgins, mothers. Naked or provocative. Women have long been relegated to second place - an appendage to or subsidiary in the arts’ official history or an object of art themselves - with their active role as authors, creators and artists hidden away. The lights, cameras and action have always been focused elsewhere: only 14 women have won the Nobel Prize for Literature, no more than 15% of exhibits at major museums are by women and no more than 12% of the awards at the most important Latin American events in the last few years have been won by women. In Chile, only three actresses and a dancer have won the National Award for Performing Arts.

If, for example, 60% of those who work in the performing arts in Chile are women (El Escenario del Trabajador Cultural en Chile, 2014) and there are no major differences between their roles (El Género en escena, 2017), why do pay gaps, degrading stereotypes and a lack of visibility still exist?

Since the festival began, women in all their roles and professions have featured on our program. Given the new wave of feminist movements and demonstrations demanding equality, equity, respect and an end to discrimination in different areas of knowledge, jobs and power, the program has adopted this focus as a means of adapting to this context. It will highlight the work of female creators, directors, playwrights, dancers, artists, theater designers, singers, producers and performing arts professionals in general.