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De Sociedad Antónima Teatro (S.A.T.) | Dirigida por Maríajosé Razon


  • Español
  • 70 minutos
  • +13

Reality becomes confusing when El Negro is locked up. Has a day gone by? A week? A few hours? The country is in the midst of a revolution and those in the juvenile detention center try and carry on living normally, but with no school and with only certain visitors allowed. The visit of his mother isn’t enough for El Negro, who’s been missing his daughter now for several weeks. How to move forward in an environment of total abandonment starts to invade his every waking thought.

Tirando la pelá is a theater play based on the actual experiences of youngsters and employees at the Juvenile Detention Center (CIP CRC) in Limache in the Valparaíso

region, known as ‘Ex Lihuén’. ‘Tirar la pelá’ is an expression that’s often used by juvenile prisoners meaning to shout and curse or threaten someone, something that often happens between inmates and employees, even more so when emotions are running high. This production is the result of four years of experiences and work (2016-2019) at the CIP CRC in Limache.

Mariajosé Razon

La directora

Teatro con vocación social

Sociedad Antónima Teatro (S.A.T.)

La compañía

Un giro hacia los temas actuales

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