• Urban intervention


Concepto, guión y dirección Stefan Kaegi |   Compañía Rimini Protokoll


  • Español
  • 120 minutos
  • +10 años

Warning El recorrido se realiza a pie

Performed for the first time as part of Santiago a Mil 2015, the Remote X project by Rimini Protokoll has already been shown successfully in different cities worldwide, including Berlin, Lisbon and Sao Paulo. An artificial voice, similar to that of a navigation system or an airport loudspeaker, guides a group of 50 participants round the city. During the walk, stereo recordings and recordings of film soundtracks set the urban

scenery to music. This encounter with artificial intelligence diverts the ‘hoard’ towards self-experimentation and lets them experience the city as if it were a stage.

Remote Santiago questions the increasing digitalization of everyday life and is an attempt to “become aware of automatisms and furtive manipulation”. The project helps encourage much-needed discussions on externally imposed systems and control.

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