• Dance


De Flora Monsalve


  • 9 minutos 45 segundos
  • General Audience

Relatos de mundos posibles is a production created during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a piece that mixes dance, poetic writing, music and audiovisuals. It’s inspired by individual and collective chaos and aims to make the audience question the speed of our thoughts and the variety of different personalities we adopt according to our circumstances. There’s an endless number of worlds we’d like to inhabit but our being doesn’t differentiate between reality and imagination. Therefore, why don’t we use a little more of our imagination and our bodily neurons (those that live in our fingers, legs, skin, nails, hair, heart …) to build the world we want?

Flora Estela Monsalve Bustos

La creadora

Una vida dedicada a la danza

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This show is not longer available.