• Theater


Written and directed by Claudio Tolcachir


  • Spanish
  • 70 minutes
  • +13

What happens in the body when affection is occurring all the time, far, beyond our limits? Can we love without touching, without smelling, without knowing the skin of the other? Two beings live a love story from a distance and, little by little, each one becomes the only thing that the other has in the world. But far.

“Próximo” (“Next”) comes from the moment when the communication is cut; the false sense of occupying the

same space is broken; and when the solitude floods everything. But it is also the construction of a relation, accepting that distance, building on it. The experience of being far from everything, of living the most intense emotions without a present body: births, deaths, love, sex. The poetry of the theater is the one of the crudest to show a distance as unreal as the proximity of a skype. One moment together, one moment apart. The world is ever more immense and I here, now, I just need to know that you're there, listening to me, breathing with me.

Cast and crew

Cast: Lautaro Perotti Santi Marín | Coordination of production: Adrián Andrada | Director´s assistant: Fabián Barbosa | Productions assistant: Facundo Savarino | Artistic Coordination: Teatro TIMBRE 4 | Lighting design: Ricardo Sica | Scenography: Sofia Vicini | Costume design and artistic assistance: Cinthia Guerra | Production: Jonathan Zak, Maxime Seuge | Directed and written by Claudio Tolcachir

Claudio Tolcachir


Born in Buenos Aires in 1975, Claudio Tolcachir is an actor, director, teacher and playwright. As an actor he participated in more than thirty works with directors such as Daniel Veronese, Norma Aleandro, Carlos Gandolfo and Roberto Villanueva, among others. As a director, he founded, together with his group, the company Timbre 4, with which he set up "Chau Misterix" by Mauricio Kartún; "Orfeo and Eurídice"; "Jamón del Diablo" – based on texts by Roberto Arlt; "Lysistrata", " the Coleman family "; " Third body "; " The wind on a violin ";" Emilia” and "Dynamo ", these last five pieces of his own. He also directed works such as "Attending Mr. Sloane", "August", "All were my children", "Good people", "Tribus", "Ay amor divino" and "La mentira", among others. For his work he received the ACE, Clarín, María Guerrero, Teatro del Mundo and Teatro XXI awards, and was nominated for the Konex Award, as one of the best directors of the decade. His works were represented in more than twenty countries and were translated into six languages. Since 2001 he directs , along with his group, the theatre "Timbre 4", one of the most emblematic venues in Buenos Aires.

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