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Directed by Jöel Pommerat | By the Louis Brouillard Company


  • French with Spanish subtitles

Beautiful and dark, this show takes both young and old alike on an adventure with the famous long-nosed puppet, under the eye of director Joël Pommerat.

An old man carves a small human boy out of a piece of wood and calls him Pinocchio and a miracle occurs: the doll comes to life. Pinocchio wants an easy life, but he follows his father’s advice and goes to school, even though life’s not a bed of roses. Among other things, scammers take his money, a cruel judge locks him up without a trial and murderers almost kill him. The spirit is willing, but the wood is weak. Luckily, in spite of his lies, a fairy godmother is always looking out for him.

This interpretation of the nineteenth century story by French director Joël Pommerat follows the same lines as Carlo Collodi’s tale, but poses serious questions about truth, the world and human nature’s good and bad sides. In Pommerat’s adaptation of the famous story, the result is a beautiful but dark show that takes both young and old alike on an adventure with the famous long-nosed puppet.

Cast and crew

Based on the story by Carlo Collodi | A theatrical creation by Joël Pommerat | Cast: Anne Rotger, Pierre-Yves Chapalain, Jean-Pierre Costanziello, Daniel Dubois and Maya Vignando | Produced by: the Louis Brouillard Company | Artistic collaboration: Philippe Carbonneaux | Staging and lighting: Éric Soyer | Collaboration: Renaud Fouquet | Costumes: Marie-Hélène Bouvet | Costume collaboration: Élisabeth Cerqueira and Jean-Michel Angays | Musical compositions: Antonin Leymarie | Sound: François Leymarie, Grégoire Leymarie and Yann Priest | Audiovisual recordings produced by: Axe Sud | Producer: Florent Trochel | Subtitles thanks to an alliance with the Timbre 4 independent theater in Buenos Aires | Spanish subtitles financed by: the French Institute in Buenos Aires.

Joël Pommerat

Director and playwright

A creator without boundaries

In 1990, he founded the Louis Brouillard Company, working on his own texts with this group. In 2006 and 2008, they was invited to the Avignon Festival to perform Pinocchio and later, in 2010, they premiered Cercles / Fictions at the Bouffes du Nord and Ma chambre froide, pieces for which the company won two consecutive Molière awards. For this last play, Joël Pommerat also won the 2011 Molière award for Best Living French-Speaking Writer, the Europe pour le Théâtre / Nouvelles Réalités award and the Grand Prix du Syndicat de la Presse.

He created Cendrillón in 2010 for the Brussels National Theater and, the following year, La Grande et Fabuleuse histoire du commerce and Thanks to my eyes, an opera by Oscar Bianchi based on the libretto by Pommerat called Grâce à mes yeux. In 2013, after the creation of La Réunification des deux Corées, he directed a piece by another author for the first time: Une année sans été by Catherine Anne.

Joël Pommerat is currently an associated artist at the Brussels National Theater and at L’Odéon – Théâtre de L’Europe. His plays have been published by Actes Sud-Papiers.

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