• Theater


By Silencio Blanco


  • Spanish
  • 50 minutes
  • +10 años

This poetic piece of puppetry tells the simple but thoughtful story of a fisherman and his work.

Pescador tells the story of a man who, with his boat and fishing net, enjoys a priceless connection with the job in hand; a craftsman who goes to places that have become both strange and foreign. The actors-puppeteers coexist with the puppets in this piece, in which both esthetics and the company’s research offer new focal points.

After the function, there’s an opportunity for dialogue and exchange as part of the company’s theatrical experience, with the audience invited on to the stage to share with the team, look at the puppets, take photos and find out about the play’s creative process. There’s also the chance to do the same in a more relaxed setting: a function that has been subtly modified to bring the performing arts to people with learning disabilities.

Cast and crew

Artistic director: Santiago Tobar | Creative producer: Dominga Gutiérrez | Cast: Rodolfo Armijo, Camila Pérez, Camilo Yáñez, Marco Reyes, Dominga Gutiérrez | Sound designer: Ricardo Pacheco | Lighting designer: Belén Abarza

Silencio Blanco

Silencio Blanco

The company

This company has made a name for itself thanks to its intricate work with highly expressive puppets made from everyday materials, such as newspaper and chopsticks. The company’s plays are the result of observation and field work that explore simple lifestyles and solitary jobs. They look into gestures and often work without a script in order to make puppets move like humans, creating an illusion for the audience that goes as far as transmitting the character’s heartbeat. The emotional eloquence of their puppets - as well as their thoughtful topics - have taken them to important venues both in Chile and abroad.

Pescador is charming, poetic, magically captivating”.

El Mercurio

—Take a look at the creative process of Pescador, the play by Silencio Blanco.

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