• Theater


By Rodrigo Cuevas | Directed by Nicolás Acuña


  • Spanish
  • 30 minutes
  • +13

This tells the story of what happens in a Zoom session between a psychologist, played by Daniela Ramírez and a captain in the Special Forces, played by Michael Silva.

A clinical psychologist is contacted by a Special Forces police officer. In a difficult video call session, a piece of key information comes to light that could change the course of a legal investigation.

Cast and crew

Written by: Rodrigo Cuevas | Director: Nicolás Acuña | Cast: Daniela Ramírez and Michael Silva | Producer: Diego Ruiz.

Nicolás Acuña

Nicolás Acuña

A serial director

A director of cinema and television series both in Chile and abroad, Cielo Ciego (1998), Paraíso B (2002) and Bahía Azul (2012) particularly stand out among his feature films. The highlights of his work on series include El reemplazante and Los archivos del Cardenal - which won him the Altazor award for Best Director in 2012 and 2013 - as well as the international co-productions Sitiados and Inés del alma mía. As a result of the pandemic and theater’s subsequent online connection with the audiovisual world, he decided to try out theater directing, contributing a filmmaker’s perspective to this production and working with Rodrigo Cuevas, writer and scriptwriter on the acclaimed series Los 80.

—Even with limited audiovisual resources (a Zoom session with the audience acting as witnesses), there’s an intimacy created that conveys the motivation, fears, concerns and guilt of the stars. At one point, the audience even empathizes with the accused.

—It’s an opportunity to appreciate the psychology behind the characters played by Daniela Ramírez (directed by Acuña in Los archivos del Cardenal) and Michael Silva (Sudamerican Rockers, Zamudio). “She has to try and put her own beliefs to one side and put together an impartial report. That’s a big problem for her, especially because of the official’s character”, said Nicolás Acuña to Pousta.

—It’s the result of the research that Cuevas and Acuña did for an audiovisual piece about the social uprising, based on actual testimonies from people at the center of the riots. In fact, the play is based on one of the emblematic cases involving the victims of repression.

Zoom: This video call and virtual meeting platform for desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets was created in 2012 by the company Zoom Video Communications, based in San José, California. It became hugely popular during the Covid 19 pandemic and has been used for theater shows. Although previous attempts were made worldwide, it was What Do We Need to Talk About? by North American writer Richard Nelson - commissioned by The Public Theater and premiered on YouTube on April 29, 2020 - that was the first big success, so much so that The New Yorker called it "quarantine’s first big original play".

Social uprising: This is the name given to the series of large-scale demonstrations and disturbances that occurred in Santiago and spread to various other regions of Chile, mainly between October 2019 and February 2020. Sparked by a hike in transport prices, it escalated into demands ranging from a new political constitution to different social concessions, as well as cultural and counter-cultural demonstrations involving all kinds of artistic disciplines from performance to graphic art. Different reports from international bodies on the ground confirmed that human rights violations were carried out by agents of the state, leaving people with terrible eye injuries among other things.

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