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By ENBORRADOR teatro en construcción | Written and directed by Paola Irún


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Paraguayan theater comes to Santiago a Mil for the first time with a chilling tale that mixes the stories of human trafficking victims with those of their captors.

Rossi ends up in a brothel in Chaco'I and Jessi in one in Minga Guazú. Both were looking for a new life but ended up in hell. This story also includes death, a policeman and two women, meeting up again 14 years after one of them abandoned the other while they were illegal immigrants in Spain. This is Nombre: a Paraguayan play that’s like a jigsaw puzzle, with pieces connected in time and space and related to Pérdidas en el instante perfecto, a 2006 production that is revived thanks to the inclusion of two of its characters. In the broken and experimental narrative so characteristic of this Paraguayan company, all the stories end up converging, with the outcome affecting everyone in the same way.

Cast and crew

Cast: Sonia Amarilla, Paola Irún, David Amado, Lia Benitez Flecha, Florencia Bonzi | Prologue paying tribute to Rubén Vysokolán: Lou Mei Vysokolan, with the participation of Zulma Veneroso Gaona | Musicians on stage: Mundo Sonoro, Dahia Valenzuela | Original score: Hernán Melgarejo | Visualization: Manu Alviso | Audiovisual director: Juanma López Moreira | Cameras: Ximena Barba, Fernando Delgado, Juanma López Moreira | Lighting designer: Martín Pizzichini | Assistants: Manu Alviso, Pali Mallorquín | Floor assistant: Panambi Scalamogna | Visualization collaboration: Carlo Spatuzza | Collaborators: Jorge Báez | Round table: Tito Chamorro, Fátima Fernández Centurión, Gabriela Zuccolillo, Nelson Viveros, Rayam Mussi | Written and directed by: Paola Irún

© Erwin Bukaczek

Paola Irún

Director and playwright

A culture vulture

This director, playwright, actress and theater teacher with a career spanning more than 20 years won the Arturo Alsina award for Best Leading Actress in 2005 and the Oscar Trinidad award for theater in 2006. She lived in New York for eight years, working as an actress, director and playwright for independent productions, as well as on Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway. She created and founded the experimental company

ENBORRADOR teatro en construcción, which has been working on the national and international scene for ten years. In 2018, she won the EDDA (Paraguay’s main theater award) for Best Director for El principio de Arquímedes.

© Rubén Vistoso

ENBORRADOR teatro en construcción:

The Company

Paraguayan experimentation

Created and directed by Paola Irún, this multidisciplinary, collaborative and experimental theater project was born in 2009 and puts on its creations both nationally and internationally. The company has carried out artistic residencies with groups such as Ph-2 and Núcleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos, as well as coproductions through the Iberescena program. After ten years, the company launched a new branch called ENBORRADOR EMERGENTE for new artists trained using the company’s experimental method. In 2011, they were named an entity of cultural interest by Paraguay’s National Secretary of Culture.

—There aren’t many opportunities to watch contemporary Paraguayan theater. Only after the fall of Alfredo Stroessner did companies, groups, authors and different ways of working flourish. The case of ENBORRADOR teatro en construcción is particularly interesting, since it was created with the aim of swelling the ranks of the country’s theater groups.

—Since the country is bilingual, the play is in Spanish and Guarani, as well as in Jopara, the mixture of Guaraní and Spanish colloquially spoken in Paraguay. This is unique in Latin America since, although there are other countries with more than one language, these are not usually mixed together. Parts of it are also in ‘Portuñol’, the combination of Spanish and Portuguese that is typical to places on the triple border running between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Human trafficking: This refers to the trade of humans - taking them against their will and transferring and receiving them - for the purpose of sexual exploitation (including forced prostitution and pornography), forced labor or slavery. According to a UN report in 2018, 51% of the victims of human trafficking in South America in 2016 were women, 12% were men, 31% were underage girls and 6% were underage boys. Of the known victims, 58% are sexually exploited and 98% of these are women (more so than young girls).

Rubén Vysokolán: Very well-known in Paraguay, this theater and television actor has shared his country’s stage with figures such as Arturo Fleitas, María Elena Sachero and Lourdes García, as well as taking part in numerous productions at the Arlequín Theater. In TV, he has stood out in productions like Amigos para siempre and the series Nuestros Fantasmas. He died of leukemia in 2007. Nombre was created to be performed at El Agujero de Vysoka, the actor’s former home that is today a cultural center. Before the play, a brief homage to the actor is paid by Lou Mei Vysokolán, his daughter.

—Watch Paola Irún’s conversation with Gramo Ideas, in which she talks about the company ENBORRADOR teatro en construcción.

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