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By Marcelo Allasino


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A one-person show in video conference format. We only see the protagonist and we only hear her monologue, although we can guess all her desires and frustrations.

A women aged over 50 has just had a tumor removed from her nose. As she recovers, she discovers all the possibilities of the internet and social media and plans a videocall with her best friend from childhood, who she hasn’t seen since then and who lives abroad. A study trip to Bariloche, Flashdance, an unwanted pregnancy and the end of a love affair that never was open the door to a past they’ve never gotten over and that insists on making its presence felt.

Cast and crew

Written and directed by: Marcelo Allasino | Performed by: Matilde Campilongo | Assistant: Cony Balsategui | Music and sound: Nico Diab | Staging and lighting: Marcelo Allasino | Costumes: Julia Barreiro and Gustavo Mondino | Objects: Salvador Aleo | Graphic design: Leonor Barreiro.

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Marcelo Allasino

Marcelo Allasino

The best of all of Santa Fe

A creator, performer, consultant and curator, he’s had a career spanning more than 30 years, mainly in his native Rafaela in the province of Santa Fe. In 1989, he created the group Punto T and, in 1991, the Teatro La Máscara workshop, the first independent educational and training center in the city of his birth. With Punto T/La Máscara, he produced some of the most outstanding creations of his career as director and playwright, receiving numerous awards and being invited to participate in national and international festivals. He directed this company for more than 20 years, until 2011. He also created and directed the Rafaela Theater Festival until 2015. He’s the founder of Teatro Uaifai, a platform for original, live plays transmitted over the internet.



Ahead of the game when it comes to new formats

This team’s first piece was the play Money4Nothing, premiered during the inaugural season of Microteatro Buenos Aires in 2017, although some of its members had worked together for years before in Punto T/La Máscara productions. That production involved six theater venues measuring 15 square meters each, putting on theater plays lasting 15 minutes for a maximum of 15 spectators. It gave its name, M4N, to the budding group and La tortuga is their second production.

“A story that, in today’s context, is close to the bone, laying bare the point to which the body is a text and the text is a body that becomes political”.

Colofón Magazine

—It talks about more than just isolation and obligatory confinement. It’s also about desire and repression. In the words of its creator, Marcelo Allasino, “I wanted to talk about how a lack of education about pleasure can tie us to unhappy relations that, in some cases, last an entire lifetime”.

—It’s neither theater that’s been filmed nor the video of a play, but rather a live transmission of a specific theatrical event.

— The performance of Matilde Campilongo, an actress and dancer whose career has been completely eclectic. She worked for more than five years on the Hola Susana program with Susana Giménez, taking part in cabaret, cinema and videoclips. As an actress, she’s been involved in productions like Catedral by Raymond Carver, directed by Martín Flores Cárdenas and Las Benévolas, directed by Laura Yusem.

Theatrical monologues: This kind of speech is delivered by a single character, normally as a way of expressing their thoughts out loud but sometimes to directly address another person or the audience. Its name comes from the Greek words monos (alone or solitary) and lógos (speech) and, for the characters, it’s an enlightening experience, allowing them to convey their feelings lyrically.

—Listen to the interview with Marcelo Allasino on Antes de Abrir Sala, a series of dialogues organized by the Corredor Latinoamericano de Teatro.

—Find out more about Teatro UAIFAI and its plays conceived for digital formats and transmitted live.

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