• Radio theater


By Mariana Muñoz, Harold Guidelin and Pablo Sepúlveda


  • Spanish
  • 55 minutes
  • General Audience

Accompanied by a strange paleontologist, a titanosaurus discovered in Patagonia travels through the city, raising awareness of the importance of looking after the environment.

Cast and crew

Artistic director and written by: Mariana Muñoz | Technical director and musical score: Pablo Sepúlveda | Voices: Mario Soto, Mariana Muñoz, Pablo Sepúlveda. Colaboración especial de Lara Gallardo Muñoz | Sound consultant and audio: Jorge Castro | Production: Teatro a Mil Foundation


Mariana Muñoz

Artistic director

Pichintún’s ‘mother’

Mariana Muñoz is an actress, director and teacher. Her pieces are influenced by her work with masters like Andrés Pérez Araya, Andrés del Bosque and Juan Radrigán and her work as a director is characterized by her research on the crossover between theater, music, popular culture and comedy. One of her most notable pieces is Amores de cantina by Juan Radrigán. In mid-2019, she premiered El descanso de las velas, written by Flavia Radrigán.

—Titanosaurus: A type of dinosaur that lived on earth – specifically on the American continent - in the Cretaceous (pre-Jurassic) Period. A few years ago, the remains of what would have been one of the largest titanosaurus in the world were found in Patagonia, Argentina.

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