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De Teatro en tiempos de guerra | Dirigida por Natalia Leal | Escrita por Tomás Henríquez


  • Español
  • 20 minutos
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It’s January 1598 and Theodor de Bry, a Flemish engraver, is traveling with his father and son, both called Theodor too, to Charles V’s castle to hand over a copy of the book about The Indies that he’s published without ever having been there. However, their journey is interrupted by a masked guard who forces them to obey the protocols in place at the time of the plague. Unknown worlds, the fall of old orders, the Renaissance after the Black Plague. With ingenuity and intelligence, Tomás Henríquez uses his writing to highlight the similarities between the past and present, insinuating that time is just a copy of itself and works using the same techniques as those of engravers

Teatro en tiempos de guerra

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