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By Marco Antonio de la Parra | Directed by Luis Ureta


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  • 50 minutes
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Written by Marco Antonio de la Parra, this acclaimed play blends up-close-and-personal drama with dark humor and a surprising virtual set.

Written by award-winning playwright Marco Antonio de la Parra and based on his text La vida privada, winner of the Fifth National Dramaturgy Event, La familia tells the story of a separated couple who, in the watchful eyes of their daughter, is barely surviving. The mother (Paulina García) is trying to live her life as a separated woman, desperately looking for a partner while suffering from severe depression and trying to control her impulsiveness. The father (Francisco Melo) doesn’t really care much for his daughter and is disconnected and distant, not showing her much affection. They are chained together though by a tragedy that, in spite of their efforts to the contrary, forces them to carry on being a family.

Cast and crew

Written by: Marco Antonio de la Parra | Directed by: Luis Ureta | Cast: Paulina García and Francisco Melo | Stage design: Cristián Reyes | Coproduced by: the La Familia artistic team and the Finis Terrae Theater.

Luis Ureta


A double bill at Santiago a Mil 2021

An actor, theater director and arts graduate from the University of Chile specializing in theater acting, he’s been teaching for more than 20 years at the most important theater schools in Chile. Over the course of his career, he’s received several awards for his work as a director, mainly with La Puerta, the company he cofounded and which will celebrate its 30 year anniversary in 2021. He’s toured and put on travelling versions of his productions on numerous occasions with this group, both in Chile and abroad. He’s premiered more than 50 plays and his participation in the Contemporary European Dramaturgy and National Dramaturgy festivals has been cataloged as outstanding. He’ll also take part in Santiago a Mil 2021 as director of the play Tsunami.

Marco Antonio de la Parra


A clever, multifaceted and always up-to-date writer

Born in 1952 and one of the most important figures on the Chilean scene since the end of the seventies, this playwright, writer and psychiatrist has written more than 80 literary and theater pieces. He got involved with theater at university during the dictatorship and was one of the young writers to be recruited by Teatro Imagen, an icon of theater resistance in Chile. He suffered the same consequences as many other artists during this period when, in 1978, his play Lo crudo, lo cocido y lo podrido - nowadays a classic - was censored by the Catholic University. He was a member of several theater companies In the eighties and added TV critic to his multifaceted curriculum in the nineties. He’s starred in several of his own plays, such as the acclaimed La secreta obscenidad de cada día. Today, he’s director of the Finis Terrae Theater.

“Although it’s drama, it’s quite ironic, which means it also gets more than a couple of laughs”.

Finde, La Tercera

-It’s a play that has successfully managed to turn theater into a virtual format. Its script, staging and performances were designed specially to be transmitted via ZOOM and both

director Luis Ureta and Cristián Reyes - heading up the stage design, with his technical display of images - have been praised by critics as great additions to the play. It’s a high point in a season that, due to the pandemic, meant several companies had to experiment with virtual theater, not all with the same degree of success.

- In what is still an ‘experimental’ theater format, Francisco Melo and Paly García - both renowned theater performers - rise easily to the challenge of transmitting a story that is touching, hilarious and cruel all at the same time.

-Marco Antonio de la Parra believes his script has an undertone that makes a lot of sense in the context of the lockdown we’ve experienced as a society, when family ties were most certainly stretched to breaking point. “La familia is a cruel test to see how we’re doing”, said the playwright in an interview with El Líbero.

La secreta obscenidad de cada día: Probably Marco Antonio de la Parra’s most popular play, this is one of the greatest successes of contemporary Chilean theater. Premiered in 1984, it tells the story of two male exhibitionists, who sit in front of a school, calling themselves Carlos Marx and Sigmund Freud and satirically giving a speech that brutally reveals the repression of the dictatorship. It has been performed in several countries, including Turkey, and in 2019 it was premiered again to great acclaim at the Finis Terrae Theater with its original performers: De la Parra himself and psychiatrist León Cohen.

Take a look at the interviews Paulina García and Francisco Melo gave to Bío-Bío TV and Cooperativa about La familia.

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