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De La Otra Zapatilla | Dirigida por Mariana Muñoz | Escrita por Alfonso Alcalde


  • Español
  • 100 minutos

El Salustio and El Trúbico are two clowns from Tomé, a city located on the coast in southern Chile, who use their talents to do whatever they’ve got to do to keep the wolf from the door. That’s why they work in the wine business, as handymen, as owners of a

horse, making coffins and a whole host of other - sometimes unimaginable - jobs. This is how they survive the world of poverty they’ve been born into, turning their lives into something poetic worthy of being recited to the whole world. This version of the play by Alfonso Alcalde is told today by La Otra Zapatilla, a company from Concepción, in a theater format that flirts with that of a music concert.

Mariana Muñoz

La directora

Teatro, canciones y emociones

La Otra Zapatilla

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Teatro con fuerte identidad local

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