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Directed by Alfredo Castro | Written by Pascal Rambert


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The story of a separation is brutally told in this play, directed by Alfredo Castro, which talks about what happens when cracks appear in the ‘us’ and the ‘I’ takes a stand.

La clausura del amor is the story of a couple on its way out. Performed in monologues, it begins when he announces the separation, followed by her response. Wherever it’s performed, the real names of the actors are used, in this case Millaray (Lobos) and Francisco (Melo).

It’s a script that can be interpreted on many different levels, dealing with an experience everyone can recognize: when love is over and the deep pain caused not only by the physical act of separation but also by the understanding that all the plans you had made together have disintegrated. It’s a heartrending piece that, in the hands of Teatro La Memoria and under the direction of Alfredo Castro, promises to be a unique experience.

Cast and crew

Directed by: Alfredo Castro Teatro - La Memoria | Written by: Pascal Rambert | Assistant director and script reworking: Víctor Valenzuela | Cast: Millaray Lobos and Francisco Melo | Lighting designer and digital staging: Delight Lab | Producer: Maritza Estrada | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation, Teatro La Memoria.

Alfredo Castro y Teatro La Memoria


Part of our theatrical history

This director and actor is founder of the Teatro La Memoria Theatrical Research Center, a company that has made its mark on Chilean theater over the last three decades. Its productions include the Trilogía Testimonial: Manzana de Adán, Historia de la sangre and Los días tuertos, as well as adaptations of plays such as Hechos consumados by Juan Radrigán and Jamás el fuego nunca and Mano de obra by Diamela Eltit. Castro has also had a renowned film career, with his leading roles in Tony Manero (2008), Post mortem (2010), No (2012), El Club (2014) and his latest success, Tengo miedo torero (2020), particularly standing out.

Pascal Rambert

Pascal Rambert

Emotional education

This French playwright, director and choreographer wrote La clausura del amor, his most-performed play, in just a few weeks in 2010, based on his own experience of separation. He confesses that he took to writing and created his first company aged 16 because he was frustrated he wasn’t good enough to be a footballer. His plays have been premiered and translated into several languages and he has won numerous awards, including the Émile Augier award for Literature and Philosophy for his play Ensayo in 2015, and a theater award from the French Academy in 2016 for his body of work.

“Harsh, fierce, passionate, grueling. Echoes of Strindberg, Koltès, Maurice Pialat (...) The phrase ‘giving it your all’ was invented for intense situations like this one”.

El País, Spain

—It’s the first performance of one of Pascal Rambert’s plays in Chile. A philosophy graduate, this author bases his work on human relations and doesn’t hold back when tackling them. As he said in an interview with El País in Spain, “I was 16 the first time I went into a theater and I wasn’t the same person when I came back out. I didn’t come out unscathed. The power I felt then is what I look to replicate in my theater and sometimes I achieve it and sometimes I don’t. If I reflect on my 40 years in the trade, I can perhaps say that my obsession is trying to reproduce that sense of profound transformation, both for myself and the audience. I’m like a drug addict”.

—It’s Teatro La Memoria with Alfredo Castro as director. This company has been involved in the evolution of the performing arts from the end of the eighties to the present day, broadening its repertoire, experimenting with formats and challenging the audience to not interpret what they see on stage or in their surroundings so literally.

—It brings Millaray Lobos and Francisco Melo to the stage. He’s made a career for himself in France and Europe and she’s worked with Alfredo Castro frequently since Devastados (2002). It’s also an opportunity to enjoy the work of Delight Lab, the lighting art company whose interventions in the Plaza Dignidad since October 18, 2019 have gained it notoriety.

—Find out more about Alfredo Castro and his company on the Memoria Chilena site, including interviews with the actor and director and downloadable books about Chilean culture and the transition to democracy.

—Watch and listen to Pascal Rambert’s talk at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in which he discusses his career and the nature of his work.

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