• Theater


De Saas’Tun Teatro, compañía de Conchi León


  • Español
  • 70 minutos
  • +10 años

“Grandfather’s died”. Two words that hit home; a voice on the end of the phone telling us the news and then silence. Three characters are on their way to their grandfather’s grave, looking for his last resting place in spite of their fear of cemeteries - places full of regrets, with dried flowers that don’t celebrate anything. Looking for their grandfather’s grave, the characters discover that our dead are not in cemeteries, but rather live in each one of us. “Don’t cry for the death of your body or the death of your soul; your body lives on in the face of your children and your soul lives on eternally in the shining stars”.

This script was written using the actors’ testimonies, as well as legends from some of the world’s most famous cemeteries.

Conchi León

La Creadora

Al rescate de las tradiciones mayas

-The piece tackles a complex topic - death - with a poetical touch, humor and empathy, since it’s something we’ve all experienced or will at some point. That’s why it’s ideal for children to watch.

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