• Dance


By the Latin American Network for Dance, Diversity and Accessibility | Directed by Brigitte Potente (Andrés Lagos) and Laisvie Andrea Ochoa


  • Spanish
  • 35 minutes

Warning Contiene escenas de desnudez parcial | Incluye subtítulos y audiodescripción

Performers from different inclusive dance companies in Latin America come together in a video call that’s broadcast live for the audience, going beyond borders to connect us all.

Intensamente is a real-time broadcast that includes dancers performing together at the same time in different Latin American countries. These dancers, all with different bodies, come from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru and the play incorporates audio descriptions and subtitles in order to reflect its commitment to inclusion.

This creation emerged as a result of the III Latin American Dance and Inclusion Event, organized by MICA, a civilian association in Argentina. It was held in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic’s confinement and so a telematic format was suggested, using an internet connection to connect both the able-bodied and the disabled from all over the continent. This piece asks whether it’s possible to give a telematic hug through the way these artists found to be together at the time, supporting each other and creating a situation in which physical distance was possible. Working with video calls meant they could not only move beyond borders and connect with all of Latin America but also explore this innovative multimedia format. It’s a creation that can’t be pinned down to a specific place in the world and that erases the divisions between live presentations and videodance.

“Beyond skin, walls and mountains, dance brings us together, sustains us and moves us. We explore the specific encounter that a telematic hug provides, looking for a telepathic connection that transcends borders”, say the artists.

Cast and crew

Choreographer: Brigitte Potente (Andrés Lagos) | Producer and video artist: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska | Performers: Francis Elizabeth Muñoz Martínez (Venezuela), Giovanna Carimati (Argentina), David Bernal (Colombia), Sâmia Queiroz De Paula (Brazil), Rebeca Estéfano (Venezuela), Liza Taylor (Argentina), Sandré Bajac (Peru), Adela Secall Corvalán (Chile), Candelaria Iocco (Argentina) | Live music: René Moreno (Colombia) | Audio description: Brigitte Potente.

Brigitte Potente (Andrés Lagos) y Laisvie Andrea Ochoa


Committed to accessibility in dance

Both work in the inclusive Colombian dance company ConCuerpos, as well as having careers in contemporary dance both in Colombia and abroad. Andrés Lagos is a contemporary dance performer, teacher, choreographer, researcher and creator. He’s also a historian at the National University of Colombia, a researcher into the history of contemporary dance in Colombia, a dancer with the companies Danza Común, Entre Tierra and ConCuerpos and a teacher at the Danza Común Foundation, the Universidad Javeriana and the Guerrero Arts Academy in Bogotá.

Laisvie Andrea Ochoa is a Colombian-Lithuanian choreographer, an expert in inclusive dance and a video artist. She is co-founder and director of ConCuerpos, the pioneering inclusive dance company in Colombia, which brings together able-bodied and disabled dancers to develop artistic, educational and research projects. She studied psychology at the National University of Colombia, specialized in multimedia creation at the Universidad de los Andes and did a Masters in COMMA choreography at CODARTS / Fontysen in the Netherlands. She’s created plays in Colombia, Argentina and the Netherlands, with her main creative research currently being in multimedia performance that connects choreography and live video projections. Laisvie tackles political and human issues in her work, aiming to improve understanding about what dance can be. She moves between Colombia and the Netherlands, complementing her work at ConCuerpos with being a dance teacher, dancer and creator.


The telematic hug

Latin America united

Created during the pandemic, this integrated body’s members come from different Latin American countries including Chile, where one of its performers-creators lives. Those involved in the piece work on and take part in performing arts projects that are part of the growing Latin American Network for Dance, Diversity and Accessibility and met at the III Latin American Dance and Inclusion Event in 2020, where Mariana Chilliuti and Laisvie Andrea Ochoa commissioned this innovative piece. They come from different dance and theater companies - there are dancers from Am Danza in Venezuela with mixed abilities; from ConCuerpos in Colombia; from the Sin Fronteras Dance Company in Argentina and from the Projecto PÉS in Brazil, among others.

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