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By Teatro La María | Written and directed by Alexis Moreno


  • Spanish
  • 4 chapters lasting 30 minutes each
  • +14

Four sullen characters. Four stories that combine suspense and dark humor. Four sessions inspired by Hitchcock and The Twilight Zone. These are the juicy elements that come together in the new play by Teatro La María.

Historias nocturnas is a digital series made up of four chapters all written and directed by Alexis Moreno. Each one has different characters who find themselves in extraordinary and surprising situations that are full of dark humor and suspense, the absurd and rudimentary terror, with all the hallmarks of Teatro La María, a company that is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year.

Each chapter combines a live presentation with edited material that references old TV programs like Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone. Each piece is in black and white and is hosted by a group of spooky and decrepit old people: The Colonel, The Capitan, The Sergeant and the Former Leading Lady. All four are holed away in a kind of old peoples’ home; they’re the same stars of El hotel, a play premiered by Teatro La María in 2016 that was performed in Chile, the United States and Germany.

Cast and crew

Directed by: Alexis Moreno | Cast: Tamara Acosta, Alexandra von Hummel, Manuel Peña, Rodrigo Soto, Elvis Fuentes, Moisés Angulo | Art director: Rodrigo Ruiz | Producer: Horacio Pérez.

Javiera Pérez

Alexis Moreno


Avant-garde theater

This actor, director, playwright and teacher graduated in theater from the University of Chile. In 2000, he founded Teatro La María with Alexandra von Hummel. The group has brought more than 20 productions to the stage, winning several awards and touring both nationally and internationally.

Teatro La María

The Company

An unmistakable style

Founded by Alexandra Von Hummel and Alexis Moreno in 2000, this is one of the most important companies in contemporary Chilean theater. Over its prolific twenty-year history, it has developed a specific theatrical style whose visuals, actors and scripts - combining self-written texts with the rewriting of classical ones - have turned the company into one of the most important role models for new generations of Chilean theater creators. Over twenty years of uninterrupted work, they’ve brought to the stage plays such as Las huachas, Los millonarios, Fe de ratas and El hotel, which have been performed in Chile, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Peru, the United States and Japan. They’re currently one of Teatro La Memoria’s resident companies.

“They use Zoom and digital formats to the max, with careful audiovisual parts and a clear stylistic unity. The actors and technical team work well together, putting together a story that is entertaining, fun and also gives us cause for reflection”.

–Toda la Cultura

–It’s one of the most outstanding projects to have resulted from the situation Chilean artists found themselves in as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. This time, Teatro La María wanted to experiment with audiovisual and digital formats. As the company itself has said, 2020 was the year the were going to celebrate their twentieth anniversary, so they’d planned to put on a season including four previously-seen productions plus a new one, although the pandemic obviously put an end to that project. That’s why Historias nocturnas was an opportunity for them to create fun and novel content and deal with the complex scenario the arts is going through.

–Teatro La María is one of the most interesting companies in Chilean theater this century, with plays that aim to portray current affairs, idiosyncrasies and politics in formats that blend together dark comedy and satire. They hit a nerve, since they deal with many of the difficult issues affecting the country at the time.

–It takes a nostalgic look back at the genuine terror cultivated in the sixties, when mysterious stories brought together whole families in front of the TV at night. It’s not just a revival in itself, but also a gesture that aims to revive the memory of a format that got lost along the way, amid science fiction, reality shows and dramas.

Alfred Hitchcock: Considered the master of suspense and psychological thrillers, he was born in 1899 and began his career in silent films in England. With the arrival of sound, he became the best director in England and set his sights on the United States. In 1939, Hitchcock went to Hollywood, where he directed several of his most emblematic films during the fifties, such as The Birds, Psychosis, Rear Window and a remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much, which was filmed in England for the first time in 1934.

The Twilight Zone: The stories in this North American series were based on terror, fantasy and science fiction. It initially ran for five seasons between 1959 and 1964 and then a second run was recorded in the eighties, a third in 2002 and a fourth in 2019.

El hotel: This play by Teatro La María was premiered in 2016 and is a comedy based on several characters from recent Chilean political history. The hotel of its name is a kind of hotel-asylum for seniors where a group of old people live, accused of crimes against humanity. They’re looked after by a couple of nurses who also double as servants, who they constantly humiliate while living off their recollections of Chile as it was during the dictatorship and transition to democracy, of human rights violations and of eighties programs with good-looking leading ladies.

-Alexandra Von Hummel on theatrical creation in an interview with the Teatro a Mil Foundation: “I like to make theater come hell or high water”.

-Alexis Moreno talks about Teatro La María on Teatroamil.TV

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