• Theater


By Robert Lepage | With Evgeny Mironov


  • Russian with Spanish subtitles
  • 140 minutes

Canadian director Robert Lepage recreates Hamlet’s mental prison, bringing the audience a highly technological and dramatic show.

Legendary Canadian director Robert Lepage quite literally takes us into the head of this Shakespearean hero, hand-in-hand with Evgeny Mironov, one of Russian theater’s living legends. In an enormous hanging cube that revolves over the stage, Mironov plays all the characters in the play, from Ophelia to Polonius, skillfully walking, running, jumping and leaning on the structure’s walls, floor and roof. This solo artist’s performance is enhanced by Lepage’s lighting and video design, which cleverly turns this cube into the cell at a mental asylum, a library and a tank filled with bubbles, among other things.

Cast and crew

Performer: Evgeny Mironov | Part of the performance: Vladimir Malyugin | Director: Robert Lepage | Designer: Carl Fillion | Costume designer: Franşois St-Aubin | Background music and music: Josuė Beaucage | Video: Lionel Arnould | Lighting designers: Robert Lepage, Bruno Matte.

Robert Lepage


The unemotional Canadian

A theater art all-rounder, Lepage is an equally talented director, playwright, actor and theater director. His creative and original approach to theater has won him international acclaim, shaking the dogma of classical theater directing right to its foundations, especially through the use of new technology. Contemporary history is his inspiration and his fiercely modern and unusual play goes above and beyond any possible limits.

Evgeny Mironov

The star

White Russian

Two-time winner of the Russian Federation award, his theater work has also earned him the Stanislavsky International award, two Golden Mask National awards and three Crystal Turandot National awards, among others. His starring role in the television adaptation of Dostoevsky’s The Idiot won him the Golden Nymph award for Best Actor of the Year at the Montecarlo Film Festival. In 2006, he founded the Yevgeny Mironov Theater Company. He’s also artistic director of the State Theater of Nations, where he starred in Alvis Hermanis’ successful international production of Shukshin’s Stories and, more recently, in Caligula by Eimuntas Nekrosius. He’s co-founder of the Artist Support Foundation, artistic director of the TERRITORIЯ International Theater and a member of the Russian government’s Art and Culture Council.

—It’s a first-class piece of multimedia, with everything taking place in a cube with three of its six sides on show. Lighting and projections transform the stage into hundreds of different things, with a high point being the lake in which Ophelia ‘submerges’ herself. Behind the scenes, thirteen people make everything look effortless and appealing.

—It faithfully recreates the original text but adds a contemporary twist. Lasting an hour and 45 minutes, it’s a shorter recreation than usual, but the performance’s tempo and constant use of audiovisuals make it seem even shorter.

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