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By OANI Teatro


  • Spanish
  • 3 minutes, 30 seconds
  • +8 años

Warning Llevar máscara de protección facial

A multimedia, small-scale story about a woman who is living in confinement during the pandemic. It’s a miniature show that helps us realize how universal our fears are.

This high-definition visual journey plays on the contrast between an actual puppet and multimedia projections. A step beyond the immersive experience of Lambe Lambe boxes, it’s a play about the solitude and isolation of a woman in confinement because of the worldwide sanitary crisis. It’s a journey through her emotions and experiences, and her feeling that she’s lost everything while this streak of bad luck lasts, as names, faces and words all drain from her mind. It’s also about the amazement she feels when she realizes that she doesn’t know herself at all. This feeling is shared by an isolated human race that has now had to find itself in others.

Cast and crew

Written by: the OANI de Teatro Foundation | Actors-animators: José Manuel Moraga and Camila Landon | Technical and multimedia director: Kevin Morizur | Illustrations: Danila Lou Ilabaca | Puppeteer: Eduardo Jiménez C. | Original score: Andrés Landon | Lambe Lambe box and workings: Panxo Jiménez | Set design: OANI Teatro and Marcelo Pérez | Lighting: Juan Torres.

OANI Teatro

OANI Teatro,

Small objects for big ideas

Created in 1998, this company spent its first five years in Brazil and another year in Australia. To date, its members have created 21 productions and taken part in more than 60 national and international festivals. Since 2007, the company has been based in Valparaíso and, in 2014, it set itself up as a foundation to carry out its two main lines of work: promoting Lambe Lambe theater in the country and researching and creating different kinds of animation.

“(Lambe Lambe) plays don’t have impressive scripts because time is of the essence. The idea is that they can travel all over the world and be understood even if you don’t speak the language”.

U Chile Radio

—It’s a Lambe Lambe play in an immersive format that is watched one spectator at a time. The spectator enters a small stage by putting their head into a miniature theater. This format was born in Brazil and Valparaíso is the capital for national devotees.

Lambe Lambe theater: This refers to a miniature show meant to be seen by one or a reduced number of spectators. Its main characteristic is that the stage is in a box similar to that used by miniature photographers, known in Brazil as Lambe Lambe photographers. In some Latin American countries, it’s called the Magic or Mystery Box. This theatrical format belongs to the puppet theater genre and, more specifically, to miniature theater. It emerged in Brazil in 1989 under Ismine Lima and Denisse du Santos.

Puppet theater: A show - either with or without sound - with puppets or dolls, which are moved either using gloves, sticks or strings. It emerged before theater with actual actors and can be traced back to Egypt, 2,000 years A.C., where there are records of wooden dolls being moved using strings, as well as marble figures in emperors’ tombs. Over the centuries, this type of show has developed a rich variety of models, types and techniques, from the most primitive in ancient Eastern and Western civilizations to new formats and esthetics in the second half of the twentieth century, some of them gradually using more and more technology.

—Read the document Bitácora de Procesos: laboratorio para el Teatro de las Formas Animadas, by Camila Landon and Valeria Correa.

—Find out more about puppet theater and its extensive history in this article from the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library. “The very attentive audience died laughing when listening to the argument between the two puppets, who gestured and hit each other as naturally as if they were actually rational creatures and people of this world”.

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