• Urban intervention


An intervention by Delight Lab


  • Spanish
  • 16 minutes
  • General Audience

Delight Lab brings us this installation with mapping, using huge water towers to tell us the story of water and its significance in ancestral knowledge.

Espíritu del agua is a project that uses a series of water towers to tell stories about what is or was inside them from an ancestral knowledge perspective. The stories have four outlooks - north, center, south and Patagonia – bringing the towers to life and telling us the world view of this vital element, since water is more than a resource, it’s life itself.

Animations are used as visual resources and each story has its own esthetic traits, from figurative to abstract.

Delight Lab

Creative team

Shine a light

This audiovisual design and experimentation studio – made up of siblings Andrea and Octavio Gana, a visual artist and a designer respectively - makes use of video, light and space. Established in 2009, they’ve tackled a wide range of projects such as large-scale video mapping projections on buildings, audiovisual installations in museums, audiovisual set design and audio-reactive visuals for live audiences.

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