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By José Vidal & Co

Germany | Chile

  • 60 minutes
  • +8 años

Warning smoke effects, onstage darkness

More than 100 professional and amateur dancers star in this impressive piece by choreographer José Vidal, highlighting how important the power of group actions can be.

Composed and directed by outstanding Chilean choreographer José Vidal, Emergenz is a large-scale, interdisciplinary and intercultural dance piece, bringing more than 47 professional Chilean and German dancers and a group of 54 citizens to the stage. They form a large group whose actions are rfamed by the choreography. Each performer moves as freely as possible to the sound of music by Diego Noguera (created in the moment as a reaction to their movements), to a choir conducted by Silvia Vivanco, to lighting designed by Julio Escobar and to visual projections created by Andrea and Octavio Gana from Delightlab. Emergenz is a means of connecting people in a collective creation: a journey that invites us to reflect on the importance of (inter)acting as a group in order to deal with the challenges facing society and the planet today.

Emergenz is a Teatro a Mil Foundation and Kampnagel Theater in Hamburg coproduction.

Cast and crew

Director and choreographer: José Vidal | Vocal director: Silvia Vivanco | Live music: Diego Noguera Berger | Sound designer: Enrique Olivares | Lighting architects: Andrea Gana and Octavio Gana (Delight Lab) | Lighting designer and technical manager: Julio Escobar | Performers: Natalia Bakulic, Andrés Escobar, Francisco Martínez, Jesús Briceño, Damián Ketterer, Francisca Tapia, Mayo Rodríguez Baeza, Catalina Avaria, Francisca Maturana, Alan Ibáñez, Darío Oyarzún, plus local performers to be confirmed | Vocal assistant: Francisca Tapia | Technical consultant: Jorge Rosemary | Costume designer: Ponny Lee (Felipe Criado) | Executive producer: Mayo Rodríguez Baeza | General producer: Catalina Avaria | Assistant producer: Simón Pascal | Producer and media coordinator: Víctor Silva. Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the Kampnage Theater, Hamburg.


José Vidal

El director y coreógrafo

The importance of groups

This Chilean performer has had an outstanding career, both in Chile and abroad. His pieces have been performed in Chile, France, England, Germany and Greece, as well as in other countries. After working for years as a teacher and choreographer at The Place in London, he came back to Chile to found José Vidal & Co., which has been working on large-scale productions since 2011, putting more than 70 artists from all walks of life on the stage and creating both emotive and sensory experiences. Among his work, Tramas, Dosmildoce and Rito de la primavera stand out, which have been seen by more than 8,000 people and performed in Holland, France and Germany.

It’s much more than just dance. At its June 2019 premiere at the Kampnagel Theater - the main hub for independent arts in Germany - the specialist press highlighted the piece’s sociological roots, capable of uniting dozens of people from different backgrounds and jobs and of different ages. “José Vidal, who trained in New York and London, shows us that he’s a dance anthropologist, expanding the pure art of movement to include a sociological element. A must-see (play)”, wrote Annette Stiekele, performing arts critic for German paper the Hamburg Abendblatt.

It’s a chance to see what’s new from Chilean choreographer José Vidal, one of the main figures in contemporary Chilean dance and someone who explores the processes that inspire individuals to create groups, communities and societies. Vidal was also in charge of the electrifying choreography seen in Ema, the latest film by award-winning Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín.

Each member of the audience plays a key role in the production and participates at key moments. Emergenz isn’t just a play you watch, it’s one you both take part in and feel.

—Kampnagel: Housed in what used to be a mechanical engineering factory in Hamburg, Germany, this theater is the main hub for independent performing arts productions.

Rito de primavera: this is the name given to José Vidal’s 2014 reinterpretation of The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky, about a young girl who dances herself to death as a sacrifice to the gods. In Rito, 50 dancers take to the stage in front of a barefoot audience, leading them on a journey of the senses. Rito de Primavera was part of the 2015 Santiago a Mil Festival.

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Find out more about the work of choreographer José Vidal on his official website

—Find out more about the work of composer Diego Noguera on Spotify

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