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By Nube Norte


  • Spanish
  • 4 minutes, 30 seconds
  • General Audience

This is a worrying story about the abuse of minors in a tactful production by this aerial company. It’s a high-flying experience.

EmaneS is a hybrid show combining circus, theater, music and dance that is dedicated to the memory of Isamar Díaz, who died in a Sename children’s home in Chile in 2014. The play has eight scenes that are played out non-chronologically, beginning with the third called Pandora´s Box. In it, a girl is trying to escape from the hands that are trying to drag her out of bed. Using aerial theater with an acrobat working on a structure ten meters high and five meters wide, the child undergoes a transformation. The rest of the scenes will be premiered after Santiago a Mil, with the first coming last, in a story about abandonment in a Sename children’s home in Chile and the violation of children and young people’s rights.

Cast and crew

Produced by: Nube Norte | General director: Elian Maffioly | General idea: Valentina Vallejos, Elian Maffioly | Artistic director: Valentina Vallejos, Camila Ljubetic | Technical audiovisual director: Javier Araneda | Audiovisual assistant: Carlos Fuentealba | Technical production director: Andrés Torres | Stage director: Roberto Cobian | Director of choreography: Raga Kaur | Musical score: Beats Antique | Costumes: Valentina Vallejos | Wardrobe assistant: Constanza Loyola | Cast, Circo del Mar: Emma Blanco, Elian Maffioly, Cristina Álvarez, Florencia Alegría, Francisca Ortega, Laura Muñoz, Mathilda Blanco, Patricia Valenzuela, Raga Kaur, Roberto Cobian, Tomas González | Photography: Sandra Jorquera | Make-up: Camila Ljbetic | Editorial graphic design: Ignacio Traverso

Nube Norte

The Company

Traces of the coast

Clouds coming in from the north (like the name of this company) mean rain or storms. This aerial theater, dance and circus production company, founded by Elian Maffioly in 2017, has put on three plays: Por qué grita esa mujer, Tertulias navideñas and Tertulia en el casino Ross. Their mission is to use art to raise collective consciousness of society’s political, economic and cultural problems and to be the driving force behind the creative industry and the work of local artists. In 2020, this production company created Circo del Mar and EmaneS is its first piece.

—It takes an issue like human trafficking - that is still being covered up today - and deals with it unusually and poetically using contemporary circus and aerial techniques. It’s an esthetic delight.

—Aerial theater is a relatively new discipline in the Chilean performing arts and pieces like this help position it on the theatrical scene. The piece’s stage, costume and sound design all deserve a special mention.

Aerial theater: This is the result of a process that transformed different artistic and sporting disciplines, combining contemporary dance with circus, acrobatics, ballet and theater and complementing choreography with music and movement. Its origins aren’t clear, although it’s usually associated with the evolution of the circus in France at the end of the sixties.

New circus: Also called contemporary circus (nouveau cirque in French), this performing arts genre - developed in the middle of the twentieth century - is characterized, among other things, by basing itself on a story told through different circus acts and disciplines. The focus is on making an esthetic impact and on a performance that tells a story, sometimes using theater techniques as well.

—Watch the teaser for EmaneS, released on the International Day Against Human Trafficking last July 30.

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