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By Equilibrio Precario


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  • 40 minutes
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A Chilean literary classic is back at the hand of one of the country’s most outstanding puppet companies.

El ñato Eloy is a non-traditional puppet play, created with unused or recycled objects and with live music, texts by Oscar Wilde, Rimbaud and Sandro and police reports from the time. It’s about the adventures of crook Eleodoro Hernández, apprehended by the police in 1941. The play is based on the hours prior to his capture and on the social and psychological state of a hounded man in his dying moments. Crimes, memories of his childhood, the piety of the working-class, love and regrets all go through his mind. This multidisciplinary work is based on the novel Eloy by Carlos Droguett, as well as on the work of different literary, theatrical and musical writers.

This play is part of the program that was the result of the alliance between Santiago a Mil and La Rebelión de los Muñecos.

Cast and crew

Performers: Ignacio Mancilla, Patricio Parra, Emiliano Rossel | Design and mechanical-theatrical links: Carmen Luz Maturana | Music and director: Arturo Rossel.

Compañía Equilibrio Precario

Equilibrio Precario

A puppetry classic

This company is dedicated to puppet, object and shadow theater. Since its creation in 1994, its work has been aimed at reviving important but underestimated figures from the country’s history. This has led to productions like El ñato Eloy (1994), Los papeles de Melchor Santuario (2003) and Rosa Yagán (2004), to name just a few. The company has toured America, Europe and Asia with its shows.

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