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De Héctor Morales


El Bot is an interview by an renowned yet caustic journalist who comes face-to-face with a subject who has been influencing public opinion and the media over the last few years. Using social media, profiles, false accounts, trending topics and hashtags, they’ve had a big impact on national events. Today, they’ll show their face and lose their anonymity, although they claim that if they’re going down, everyone else is going down with them.

De Héctor Morales

El director

—It tackles an issue that’s really relevant: the fake news that’s spread – unfiltered - on social media. In the words of Morales: “For quite a while now, social media has stopped being entertaining or the tool for informing the community that it was at the beginning, instead becoming the people meter of a new kind of show business that politicians and pundits play at daily”.

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