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By Avuelopajaro


  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes
  • General Audience

A grandmother, a tree, a child and the stories they share all appear in this play by Avuelopajaro, which has won awards in Argentina.

Stories are the way of transmitting knowledge and a child and his grandmother share in this tradition. A tree grows where the grandmother passes away and, for the child, climbing the tree is like being in her arms. Stories come and go - the last warrior in a tribe, a chupacabra creature being chased, a hungry crocodile, a lost chicken.

This grandmother-tree offers protection to the child named Ko. There’s danger, but also friends. This production will enchant child audiences with its wealth of images, while its storyline also engages adults. This piece won the Javier Villafañe award in 2016 in Argentina for Best Foreign Show.

This play is part of the program that was the result of the alliance between Santiago a Mil and La Rebelión de los Muñecos.

Cast and crew

Created by: Esteban Herskovits and Manuel Mansilla | Directed by: Manu Mansilla.



The creator

This company is made up of Esteban Herskovits, who started his career as a puppeteer with the Tropienzo company. He’s created and written more than ten productions for the general public and adults to date, including El inmortal perdido (2000), Ojos de Masaya (2004), ¡¿Cuento o maleta?! (2012), El árbol de Ko (2016) and Pacto (2018). He has taken part in festivals, presentations and creative workshops in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador. He won Best International Narrator at the V Cuéntamelo Festival in 2015 at the British Cultural Center in Lima, Peru and the Javier Villafañe award in 2016 in Argentina for Best Foreign Show for El árbol de Ko.

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