• Circus

  • Performance


De Circa Contemporary Circus y Urban Art Projects


  • 55 minutos
  • General Audience

Cube Studies is a series of pieces in which Australian company Circa Contemporary Circus and internationally renowned design company Urban Art Projects (UAP) join forces in a spectacular creation that combines visual arts and live performance. Each version of Cube Studies is made to measure for the place where it’s performed and is completely unique to it. As part of Santiago a Mil 2021, their new piece will be presented with the capital as the setting and with local performers in the cast.

Nikola Milatovic

Circa Contemporary Circus


Tradición circense australiana al mundo

  • It’s a unique show, not just because it’s made to measure for the city it’s performed in but also because of its quality. Australian circus company Circa is renowned worldwide for its version of new circus that blends world class visuals with sophisticated circus techniques.

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