• Theater


By Teatro Conciencia | Directed by Christian Verdejo


  • Spanish
  • 40 minutes
  • +13

A woman with COVID 19 escapes from hospital, sparking an intense search. She’s found hidden away in her bathroom at home, determined to stay there for the duration of her quarantine. There’s something she hasn’t told the people who are after her though.

Cordón sanitario is a digital production, premiered on May 9 and transmitted via Zoom from the actress’s bathroom. This experience, lasting approximately 40 minutes, was transmitted live on the virtual platform.

A Chilean woman escapes from Valparaíso’s Carlos Van Buren Hospital after being told she’s got Covid-19. A search is launched to find her and she’s found quarantining at home, specifically in her bathroom. What isn’t mentioned though is that on the way home, she spat in the face of two policemen.

Cast and crew

Cast: Macarena Paredes | Director: Christian Verdejo.

Christian Verdejo Espinoza


Inspired by Valparaíso

Founder of Teatro Conciencia, this director hails from Valparaíso. He studied theater acting at the Universidad del Mar and specialized in theater directing at the Finis Terrae University. He’s made Valparaíso his permanent area of creation.

Teatro Conciencia

Teatro Conciencia

Local issues

Created in 2015 in Valparaíso, Chile, this company is directed by Christian Verdejo. Its theatrical family is currently made up of 10 artists from the region, with territory the concept that has taken precedence in their theatrical research.

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