• Puppet theater

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By Isidora Gazmuri and Carmen Mellado


  • Spanish
  • 8 minutes
  • +12

A femicide turns into a detective case, as we witness the chilling vision of a puppet falling to pieces before our eyes.

A detective is trying to solve a femicide. A cross examination and an autopsy come up with some clues, as well as injuries, scars and pieces of information. These fragments of the past, present and future combine in a journey towards the unconscious, with the limits that separate victim and investigator blurring as the case advances.

This play is part of the program that was the result of the alliance between Santiago a Mil and La Rebelión de los Muñecos.

Cast and crew

Cast: Isidora Gazmuri, Marcelo Lucero, Carmen Mellado | Directors: Isidora Gazmuri and Carmen Mellado | Written by: Isidora Gazmuri | Music: Tomás Ripoll | Design: Pedro Gramegna | Technical assistant and assistant director: Felipe Martínez.

Carmen Mellado e Isidora Gazmuri


A double debut

These actresses graduated from the University of Chile. They’ve worked on different theatrical projects, including theater laboratories and with street theater companies. They’re presenting their first piece as directors at Santiago a Mil, codirecting this show.

“Eight minutes of heightened police tension encapsulating a tale on three levels of consciousness”.

Bío Bío

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This show is not longer available