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Directed by Alejandro Castillo| Based on the novel by Antonio Skarmeta


  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes
  • General Audience

The innocence and humor of a universal love story is found in this, Skarmeta’s classic in theater version, directed by Alejandro Castillo in 2013.

Ardiente paciencia tells the story of the budding friendship between Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra and his postman Mario, a young man who greatly admires him and is patiently waiting for the poet to dedicate a book to him one day or for something more than the exchange of a few words and a tip. Neruda and his verses help Mario win over his true love, Beatriz González, daughter of the owner of the inn in Isla Negra; that’s how this atypical and beautiful relationship based on poetry, feeling and humor begins.

Cast and crew

Written by: Antonio Skarmeta | Director: Alejandro Castillo | Cast: Julio Jung, Catalina Guerra, Carolina Arredondo and Emilio Edwards | Producer: Loreto Moya | Set and costume designer: Raúl Miranda | Lighting designer: Alejandro Castillo | Original score: Miguel Miranda | Assistant set, lighting and costume designer: Pablo Figueroa.

Alejandro Castillo


A life treading the boards

This actor and theater director trained at the University of Chile and went on to study at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in France. His participation in successful national series such as Sucupira, Rompecorazón and Machos made him famous, but he’s also had a long and prolific theater career, taking part in more than 50 productions as an actor, director or both. He’s also been involved in film in movies such as El último hombre and Kiltro. As well as treading the boards, he also teaches theater.

©Ana María López

Antonio Skarmeta


A show of books

This Chilean author and writer studied philosophy in Chile, completing his education at the University of Columbia after winning a Fullbright scholarship. After the military-civil coup in 1973, he went into exile, first to Argentina and then to Germany. While working as a scriptwriting teacher at the German Academy of Film and Television in Berlin, he wrote what is possibly his most important play, Ardiente paciencia, which came to be known as The Postman after being successfully made into a movie.

In 1989, Skarmeta came back to Chile, combining his literary work with writing scripts and directing cinema. He was the Chilean ambassador to Germany between 2000 and 2003. Among his work, pieces such as La boda del poeta, La chica del trombón and El baile de la victoria particularly stand out, to mention just a few.

—It’s a universal story that introduces Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda to the generations that didn’t know him when he was alive, managing to demystify both his poetry and poetry in general.

—This production complements previous versions of this classic, the first of which was put on in 1986, starring Claudio Arredondo and Amparo Noguera. Curiously, this time, the role of Beatriz, the postman’s sweetheart, is played by Carolina Arredondo, Claudio’s daughter. Julio Jung, on the other hand, hits the mark playing Neruda.

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