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By Colectivo Teatral Vitebolíc


  • Spanish
  • 50 minutes
  • +15

This audiovisual format play uses the vastness of the north’s scenery to tell us a story about women and stars.

Three women from different times and places - one from the altiplano, one from a saltpeter office and one a migrant from a shanty town - were chosen to be looked after and protected by the stars until the day they find true love. They have to promise though that when they find it, they’ll be true to their hearts because, if they’re not, the stars in the desert and all over the world will slowly stop shining.

Cast and crew

Written and directed by: Pamela Meneses | Team: Paola Lattus, Viannis Díaz, Denisse Juarez, Francisco Álvarez, Carola Quezada, Claudio Merlet | Assistant producer: Paola Lattus.

Pamela Meneses

Director and playwright

A life on the boards

This journalist and professional actress has been working as an actress since 1996 with the University of Antofagasta’s Pedro de la Barra Theater Company, taking part in more than 25 productions. In 2010, she was asked to join the Balmaceda Arte Joven Theater Company in Antofagasta as a director and playwright. She’s been holding workshops and teaching theater since 1996, as well as producing artistic activities for MEL (the Escondida Mining Company).

Colectivo Teatral Vitebolíc

The Company

Made up of Antofagasta residents

This group is made up of different artists from Antofagasta - Denisse Juárez, Viannis Díaz and Paola Lattus - who have worked in theater both in Antofagasta as well as in other parts of the country and abroad. Paola Lattus has also taken part in different outstanding cinema projects.

—It’s a play that reveals a truth as big as the La Portada monument itself: Antofagasta has always been a city of migrants, of people who come and go or who put down roots without planning to. It conveys the fact that wishes don’t always come true in the way we think they will and how we’re capable of overcoming all of this.

—It has a certain magical realism about it when it suggests that the stars accompany each of these women and that we’re basically all born under the influence of a star. It was also recorded outside in nature, blending the theatrical with the virtual and offering a poetical mixture of both.

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