• Dance

  • Music

  • Performance


By Constanza Macras | DorkyPark

Argentina | Germany

  • 120 minutes without an intermission

Warning Not recommended for people with hearing problems

An experience combining dance, performance and live music in order to bridge the divide between memory, the digital era and the analog world.

Album / The Pose is the fusion of two plays that deal with the difficulty of documenting memory in an era where images are digitalized, taking as its most important milestone the moment when our culture changed from analog to digital.

Contrasting both dimensions and through her renowned interdisciplinary work that mixes dance, music and text and video montages, Constanza Macras – an Argentine artist living in Germany - divides this show into three parts. The first is about self-representation in the digital era; an abstract composition of images and GIFs follows, something very much influenced by artists such as Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson. The last part involves the composition of an analog image and as much complex narrative as can be transmitted by a single photo.

Constanza Macras has repeatedly dealt with the topic of memory using the relationship between body, space and sound in history and architecture. In this production, she takes things to a more personal level, with memory, images and representation all in contention.

Cast and crew

Choreographer: Constanza Macras | Texts: Constanza Macras and performers | Music: Robert Lippok | Costume designer: Constanza Macras | Assistant director: Marie Glassl | Assistant choreographer: Miki Shoji.

© Thomas Aurin

Constanza Macras

Director and choreographer

An Argentine in Berlin

Born in Buenos Aires and after studying dance and costume design, she continued her training as a dancer in Amsterdam and New York, relocating to Berlin in 1995. In 2003, together with playwright Carmen Mehnert, she founded the dance-theater company Constanza Macras|DorkyPark, with whom she has created more than 20 productions that have been performed at venues in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. This company brings together actors, dancers, musicians and artists from several disciplines, combining the written word, videos, live music and dance in their productions.

In 2010, she was chosen to take part in the William L. Abramowitz Arts at MIT residency (at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). That same year, she won the Der Faust award - the most important theater prize in Germany - for Best Choreographer for the play Megalópolis.

—Her mixture of dance, performance, live music and the use of the written word and videos makes choreographer Constanza Macras one of the most important figures in interdisciplinary art in Europe. Crowds are drawn to her shows not only because of their format but also because of their content: since acclaimed play The Past (2014), the subject of transformation and memory has become the focal point of her research. This version of Album / The Pose in Chile involves local performers.

—The music by Robert Lippok, one of the most influential artists on the Berlin scene in the last few decades, both as a founding member of the experimental music project To Rococo Rot and for his work with the Raster Noton label.

—The texts used in the play are based on the performers’ own stories and on the theoretical analysis of photographs by thinkers Susan Sontag and Siegfried Kracauer.

Contemporary dance: A dance genre that emphasizes composition rather than technique, it emerged as a reaction to classical versions and aims to satisfy the need to express yourself freely using the body. It’s a kind of dance that aims to transmit an idea, feeling or emotion, combining bodily movements from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It also incorporates elements from different genres to convey that dance is a work of art.

Interdisciplinarity: A group of interrelated disciplines with pre-existing connections, which means actions are not developed in isolated, disperse or segmented ways. In the case of art (and in the case of dance), it’s a dynamic process that tackles a project through different disciplines - such as theater, music, literature, the visual arts and technology - to produce a more comprehensive piece.

—Constanza Macras talks about her beginnings and her career in this interview for the Center of Contemporary Playwriting at the University of Coimbra.

—Watch the trailer of The Pose and its site-specific design, part of what the choreographer and her company bring to the country.

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