• Radio theater


By La Gaviota Podcast | Written by Leyla Selman | Directed collectively


  • Spanish
  • 22 minutes
  • +13

A moving piece of autobiographical radio theater, based on the difficult childhood of Leyla Selman, the playwright from Concepción.

This piece of radio theater by La Gaviota Podcast is a psycho-acoustic experience based on active listening and autobiographical episodes from the author’s infancy. Playwright Leyla Selman writes about these in an attempt to heal from a life that was fractured early on.

Cast and crew

Directed and sound production by: La Gaviota Podcast (Patricia Michele and Oscar Oviedo) | Cast: Patricia Michele and Oscar Oviedo | Music, editing and post-production: Oscar Oviedo | Digital animation: Ángela Jarpa | Written by: Leyla Selman.

La Gaviota Podcast

The Company

Born during the pandemic to create art

Made up of actress Patricia Michele and sound engineer Oscar Oviedo, this creative opportunity emerged as the result of voluntary quarantine in March 2020. Using both this experience and their talent in their respective disciplines, they set up an online channel (as a podcast) to share extracts of dramatized, musical and sound-based readings by different authors. In May, they self-produced the first season of 13 complete plays, including coproductions of eight pieces of radio theater.

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This radiotheater is not longer available.