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  • Spanish
  • 80 minutes. Onstage smoke effects
  • +14

Advertencia +14

Written by outstanding playwright Carla Zúñiga, this play uses irony and humor to draw attention to the multiple types of discrimination that still exist in Chilean society.

Yo también quiero ser un hombre blanco heterosexual is the story of a lesbian woman from Haiti who has been the victim of abuse and harassment her whole life and is triply marginalized: for being a woman, for being black and for being a lesbian. She’ll do anything she possibly can to leave this behind - to try and find another place in the world, to find a position of power in a patriarchal society and, at the same time, to find happiness. This production, written by acclaimed playwright Carla Zúñiga and brought to the stage by Teatro del Antagonista reflects on the norms that govern our society and the possible transgressions that we can generate as individuals. Is it possible to rethink power from a place that isn’t masculine? Can women start a real revolution? These questions are the common threads in the lead character’s life and in her ridiculous attempt to find her place in today’s - also ridiculous - society.

Directed by: Manuel Morgado | Written by: Carla Zúñiga | General producer: Kristopher Gómez | Cast: Juan Pablo Fuentes, Gabriela Arancibia, Renata Casale, Tamara Ferreira, Coca Miranda, Ariel Hermosilla, Nicolás Venegas | Set: Manuel Morgado | Costume designer: Zorra Vargas | Lighting: Daniela Valenzuela | Sound designer: Gonzalo Hurtado | Sound setting: Mirko Petrovich | Set creation: German Martínez and Teatro del Antagonista | Costume creator: Julio San Martín | Assistant designer: Nicolás Muñoz, Tomás Ahumada | General coordination: Catalina López | Producer on location: Althia Cereceda | Press: Claudia Palominos.

“A play whose long and curious title, meaning and point of view are captured on stage, dealing with a topic as well-known as discrimination from a fresh, fierce and fiery perspective”.

—Biobío Radio

“An invitation to take responsibility for the difficulties migrants face, for the needs of minorities within these groups and for the way in which the country systematically creates the desire to be a man”.

—Arte al Límite Magazine

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