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  • Spanish
  • 90 minutes
  • +14

One of the most commented-on plays in 2019 due to its powerful political roots: a report on the violence that has occurred in the Araucania area over the last few years.

Trewa deals with three cases of violence in the south of Chile: the death of environmental activist Macarena Valdés in Tranguil in the Los Ríos region; the case of teenager Brandon Huentecol Hernández, shot with 180 pellets by the Chilean police and the police work of the PACI (the Native Community Reconciliation Patrols). The story begins when, in deep midwinter, the family and close friends of Macarena Valdés ask the ngen mapu (the spirit owner and protector of the earth) for permission to exhume her body, willing to move heaven and earth in their search for truth and justice. In the shadows, the Chilean state’s historic violence towards the Mapuches can be seen at an intimate and private level in this Trawün (meeting). Described as a theatrical documentary, Trewa is a KIMVN Teatro creation and one of the most commented-on and acclaimed pieces of 2019. It’s an in-depth investigation that aims to depict the violence and human rights violations suffered by the Mapuches over the last 20 years.

Written and directed by: Paula González Seguel | Cowritten by: Felipe Carmona Urrutia and David Arancibia Urzúa | Assistant director: Andrea Osorio Barra | Projections and sound designer: Niles Atallah | Music written, composed and directed by: Evelyn González Seguel | Musical arrangements: Sergio Ávila and Juan Flores | Cast: Hugo Medina, Paula Zúñiga, Benjamín Espinoza, Amaro Espinoza, Constanza Hueche, Fabián Curinao, Norma Hueche, Elsa Quinchaleo, Rallen Montenegro, Vicente Larenas, Francisca Maldonado | Musical performers: Evelyn González, Sergio Ávila, William García, Nicole Gutiérrez, Juan Flores | Stage designer: Natalia Morales | Lighting designer: Francisco Herrera | Costume designer: Natalia Geisse | Press and publicity: Marcela Piña | Research consultants: Helene Risor (anthropologist), Marcela Cornejo (psychologist), Fernando Pairican (Mapuche historian) | Mapudungun teachers: Constanza Hueche and Norma Hueche | Producers: Andrea Osorio, Nicole Gutiérrez, Paula González | Cultural managers: Evelyn González and Paula González.

“A solid piece on the history of violence towards and resistance by the Mapuches, which shows a unified identity that has resisted centuries of harassment and being made to feel invisible”.

—Wikén Magazine, El Mercurio

“A clear step forward in the tools KIMVN Teatro uses to bring political discourse back to the stage”.


“The Mapuches’ view of the conflict is expressed with such vehemence and helpless rage that it’s impossible for the audience to remain indifferent”.

—El Mercurio

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