By JAFCO América Dance


  • 60 minutes
  • +8 años

Advertencia +8. (mild) smoke effects

A vibrant piece that mixes contemporary Afro dance, jazz, songs and music to recreate Haiti’s roots and what it means to these people to start over in Chile.

Migration isn’t just geographical, social and emotional, it’s also spiritual. Trance is a contemporary Afro dance piece that expresses the emotional and spiritual processes linked to migration and how people ‘make a home’ in another country with a different culture. Voodoo in Haiti is its main inspiration, with a cosmogony in which nature, living beings, gods and ancestors are all connected and with the people who follow this religion looking for spiritual illumination in their lives. The choreographies in Trance emerge as a result of the reflections of Haitian director Evens Clercema and some of his company’s members on the process of migration. These are divided into three movements, each one created using traditional rhythms from Haitian culture. The first is Disorientation-Interjections, the second is Here I Am and the third is Liberation.

Director and choreographer: Evens Clercema | Producer: Valentina Bravo | Performers: María Jesús Pastrián, María Inés Galdames, Rocío Pinto, Macarena Varas, Sara Chiostergi, Celeste Torres Solís | Musical director: Simón Cáceres | Instrumentalists: Diarra Condé, Cristopher Álvares, Aníbal Cataldo, Simón Cáceres | Singers: Florence Aissant, Lorenza Pascal, Clifford Agustin, Job Pierre, John Richard | Assistant choreographer: Celeste Torres Solís | Technical producer: Claudio Martínez | Assistant producer: María Paz Videla.

“The audience witnesses all the energy of Haitian and Afro rhythms and finds out more about voodoo, Haiti’s official religion, which involves an important dose of magic and which worships supernatural entities through song and dance”

—El Desconcierto

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