By Tryo Teatro Banda


  • Spanish
  • 90 minutes
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One of the most important companies in Chilean theater today depicts one of the most ridiculous episodes of the conquest of America, using music, histrionics and humor.

The new musical show from Tryo Teatro Banda tells the story of one of the most ridiculous episodes of the conquest of America: the exploits of Spanish duo Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro in their search to find and conquer the Inca Empire by capturing its last emperor, Atahualpa. The play depicts the meeting of two worlds, with a story marked by selfishness, greed and betrayal. It also reflects on Chile’s role in this feat, which triggered a tragic end. The show is accompanied by a live chamber orchestra that is incorporated into the theatrical histrionics and completes this novel troubadour production.

Tagicomedia del ande is a Teatro a Mil Foundation and GAM Center coproduction, with financing from a 2018 National Cultural and Artistic Development Grant (Fondart).

Researched and written by: Francisco Sánchez and Tryo Teatro Banda | General director: Sebastián Vila | Compositions and arrangements: Simón Schriever, Greco Acuña, Francisco Sánchez and Tryo Teatro Banda | Orchestration and conductor: Sebastián Errázuriz | Cast: María Izquierdo, Francisco Sánchez, Daniela Ropert, Valentina Jorquera Alfredo Becerra, Eduardo Irrazabal, Diego Chamorro | Musicians: Simón Schriever, Greco Acuña | Set, costume and lighting designer: Pablo De la Fuente, Pedro Gramegna | Sound: Maximiliano Cornejo | Lighting: Álvaro Meléndez | Choral preparation: Annie Murath | Andean musical consultant: Edwin Conde | Orchestra: MusicActual Ensemble| Press: Marietta Santi | Graphic designer: Juan Ignacio Viveros | General producer: Carolina González | Producer and negotiations: Ignacia Goycoolea | Original idea: Francisco Sánchez | Acknowledgements: Javier Bolivar | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the GAM Center, with financing from a 2018 National Cultural and Artistic Development Grant (Fondart).

“´Tragicomedia del Ande´, an age-old tale of betrayal, is embellished with music and humor”.
Agustín Letelier, El Mercurio

“Larger than life but at the same time showing great narrative simplicity, Tragicomedia del Ande explores different avenues - all of them accurate - and provides an overwhelming and consummate show that situates Tryo Teatro Banda as one of the great historical chroniclers of Chilean theater”.

Jorge Letelier, The Clinic

“The stage lights up with first-class operatic elements, the excellent score provides the beat to the storyline and it has striking choral pieces, as well as all the makings of a tragedy”.

Rodrigo Quintana, El Mostrador

— With a career spanning almost twenty years, Tryo Teatro Banda is one the most important Chilean theater companies from the last few decades. Their unique style, which fuses music, literature and history, has turned them into contemporary troubadours/chroniclers, whose aim is to take important events and look at them with a fresh and critical eye. The conquest of Chile, the Arauco War and the Quilin Parliament have been some of the stories they’ve told to large audiences of all ages.

It’s one of the company’s biggest and most ambitious productions, with a bigger stage and with the story and cast - including María Izquierdo - interacting with both the set and the music created especially for its scenes. Using popular histrionic elements and Andean music, the group perfected their skills with Bolivian musician Edwin Conde. The score was written by Simón Schriever and Greco Acuña and the orchestra - with musicians from the MusicActual Ensemble - is conducted by Sebastián Errázuriz.

Their style has also developed. “Compared to the other shows I’ve directed for Tryo Teatro Banda, I’d say that their genre’s evolved in this one, because we’ve incorporated tragedy. In fact, the play has its own elements of Greek tragedy, such as the choir, death, betrayal and destiny”, said director, Sebastián Vila in an interview with the Teatro a Mil Foundation.

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