By Melancolía Investigación Escénica Directed by Francisca Morand and Camilo Rossel


  • 45 minutes
  • +10 años

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A play where dance and sound weave together to give new meaning to what we understand by ‘resonate’: feeling ourselves through others.

Resonar is a piece where sound, music and movement are woven together through the dialogue between the bodies on stage and the sounds that refer to our history and identity, stereotypes that emerge from the texture of sound. Four performers from different disciplines (dancers Francisca Morand and Katherine Leyton, musician Francisco Campos and musician and philosopher Camilo Rossel) perform on stage, boosting the notion that ‘resonating’ is the result of something that remobilizes. During the play, the quartet goes over the different dimensions of the idea of resonating. On one hand, it’s a physical sound process, understood as an increase in a body’s sound waves or a vibration and movement produced by a body that, at the same time, moves another. It can also mean feeling oneself through another: an opening that activates our own memory and allows us to feel ourselves vibrate together with a person.

General directors: Francisca Morand and Camilo Rossel | Cast: Camilo Rossel, Francisca Morand, Katherine Leyton, Francisco Campos | Musical score: Francisco Campos | Set design and creation: Rodrigo Costa | Theoretical assistance: Josefina Cerda | Lighting: Rayén Morales. With support from CREART 2017, the University of Chile’s Vice Chancellery of Research and Development and the University of Chile’s Faculty of Arts.

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