• Spanish
  • 75 minutes
  • General Audience

Luis Advis’ emblematic composition - brought to the stage for the first time in 1970 by the Quilapayún group - will commemorate its fiftieth anniversary with an important concert at Matucana 100.

La cantata Santa María is unanimously considered one of the most important musical plays in Chile. Created by Iquique-based musician Luis Advis between November 1969 and March 1970, it was performed for the first time by the Quilapayún group on July 1970 at the Teatro La Reforma in Santiago (today the Isidora Zegers Salon).

The play tells of one of the most important events in northern Chile’s history: the killing of workers in 1907 in the Santa María de Iquique school massacre, an event that was covered up until the release of this musical play. This tragedy immediately served as a call for action for Chilean workers, who began to set up trade unions and political parties to stand up to this kind of repression. Published shortly before the triumph of Salvador Allende and the Popular Unity party, this is the reason this play acquired its symbolism.

Fifty years after it was premiered, the legendary Chilean group Quilapayún will commemorate this as part of Tocatas Mil, with a concert on the Matucana 100 Terrace.


  1. Announcement (Luis Advis)
  2. Instrumental Prelude (Luis Advis)
  3. Short Story I (Luis Advis)
  4. Song I (Luis Advis)
  5. Instrumental Interlude I (Luis Advis)
  6. Short Story II (Luis Advis)
  7. Song II or [Vamos mujer] (Luis Advis)
  8. Instrumental Interlude II (Luis Advis)
  9. Short Story III (Luis Advis)
  10. Sung Interlude (Luis Advis)
  11. Short Story IV (Luis Advis)
  12. Song III (Luis Advis)
  13. Instrumental Interlude III (Luis Advis)
  14. Short Story V (Luis Advis)
  15. Litany Song (Luis Advis)
  16. Song IV (Luis Advis)
  17. Sung Announcement (Luis Advis)
  18. Final Song (Luis Advis)

Musical compositions: Luis Advis | Directed by: Eduardo Carrasco | Musicians: Ricardo Venegas (Farzan), Rubén Escudero, Fernando Carrasco, Ismael Oddó, Ricardo Venegas (Caito), Danilo Donoso | Guest musician: Ángela Acuña | Narrator: Alfredo Castro | Sound: Jorge Fortune | General producer: Alfredo Troncoso | Manager: Hernán Honores | Roadie: Juan Pablo Rojas


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