By Daniela Contreras López and Edison Cájas González


  • Spanish
  • 80 minutes
  • +12

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A moving production that recreates the houses used for detaining and torturing people during the dictatorship, remembered by those who survived this traumatic experience.

After the military coup in Chile, Augusto Pinochet’s regime turned residential homes into undercover centers for kidnapping, where its opponents were tortured, murdered or, as a last resort, ‘disappeared’. Today we know these places existed thanks to the testimonies of their survivors. Proyecto Villa is a theatrical performance that explores the relationship between the architecture and memory of these places and suggests reflecting on the dictatorship and its effects on the present. Created by film-maker Edison Cájas González and actress Daniela Contreras López, this production stars actors Paulina Urrutia and Daniel Candia, who are part of a walking tour with several stops, where the audience watches dialogues and recreated scenes, based on the stories of those who survived this experience.

Directed by: Edison Cájas and Daniela Contreras López | Written by: Daniela Contreras, based on testimonies from the Villa Grimaldi Peace Corporation’s Oral Archives | Performers: Paulina Urrutia and Daniel Candia | Design and lighting: Nicolás Jofré | Art and props: Daniela López | Audiovisual development: Edison Cájas | Musical score: Gonzalo G. Galleguillos | Press and publicity: Alicia Contreras | Produced by: Teatro Niño Proletario.

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—Listen to an interview with actress Paulina Urrutia about Proyecto Villa on Sonar Radio

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