By La Huella Teatro


  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes
  • +16

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A journey back to childhood using the sounds and images that evoke feelings, emotions and memories from the first years of life.

This play emerged as the result of human beings’ exploration of early childhood: a primitive state dominated by emotions - happiness, rage, fear, surprise, disgust, sadness - and where elaborate feelings, like the abuse of power or premeditated violence, do not yet exist. That’s where the following question comes from - when does childhood stop being pure? The theory behind this production is that adults have such a powerful influence over children that they leave a permanent mark on them that exists even into adulthood, for better or for worse.

Directed by: Alejandra Rojas | Set creation: Amarilis Rojas and Alejandra Rojas | Set and lighting design and creation: Belén Abarza | Costume design and creation: Daniel Bagnara | Sound design: La Huella Teatro | Physical theater researcher: Cristián Espejo | Cast: Carolina Urrutia, Rafaela Garretón and Manuel Manríquez | Onstage music: Amarilis Rojas | Technical and sound producer: Romina Roa | Lighting: Gabriel Ayala | Produced by: La Huella Teatro.

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