ORLANDO, Ópera del Nuevo Paradigma para siete movimientos, una voz y un horizonte

By BadNewsFromTheStars Directed by Julie Beauvais and Horace Lundd


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  • 50 minutes
  • General Audience

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Based on the novel ORLANDO by Virginia Woolf, this performative and immersive installation is a journey through the senses to a land where there are no differences between men and women.

Based on Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same name - which deals with topics like sexual dissidence, androgyny and the obsoleteness of the binary gender paradigm - ORLANDO is an experience that combines opera, conscious movement, video installations, architecture and live music. Its director, Julie Beauvais, choreographs a series of expansive slow movements with people she calls “precursors”. These current-day Orlandos repeat the exercise on a vast outdoor stage in places like Berlin, Kinshasa, Marfa, London, Varanasi, Belo Horizonte, Lisbon, Chandolin and Patagonia while Horace Lundd, the other director, films them. The team’s architects have created a stage that projects these videos simultaneously, lined up one next to the other, all connected by a common horizon. The result is a nomadic opera that is traveling light though the world, building its stage wherever it performs using locally-sourced materials and whose score, written by Christophe Fellay, is played by local musicians.

Artistic director and choreographer: Julie Beauvais | Director of photography: Horace Lundd | Music and soundtrack: Christophe Fellay | Set designers: Sibylle Kössler, Wynd van der Woude | Created and performed by: Michael John Harper, Orakle Ngoy, Winsome Brown, Carolyn Cowan, Nyima, Diego Bagagal, August Schaltenbrand, Natalia Chami, Valentina Bordenave, Frans W.M. Franssens | Guest artists in Chile: TBC | Produced by: BadNewsFromTheStars and Horace Lundd | Coproduced by: La Bâtie Festival, Geneva | Associated producers: LAPIS/EPFL (Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne), Strasbourg Particle Accelerator| With support from: the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia; Pro Helvetia-COINCIDENCIA; CNC (National Film and Animated Image Center); DICRéAM (development and production); Romande Vaud Lottery; Romande Valais Lottery; Canton du Valais (cultural service); DRAC (Grand Est Regional Department for Cultural Affairs, to encourage creation); Grand Est support for live performances and the visual arts; Geneva Town Council (Finance and Housing Department); HEAR (Rhineland School of Art).

“A magnificent hybrid opera”.

—La Tribuna, Geneva

I don’t know if it’s because it makes us forget our opinions on the differences between men and women, but ORLANDO is an experience that gives us space”.


“An intense, sensorial live experience”.

—Le Nouvelliste

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