By La Liga Teatro Directed by Laura Gildenberger


  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes
  • +10 años

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A production that travels through time to the height of the salt peter era to harshly, humorously and ironically show what it meant to be a woman in the most out-of- control town in the area: a place where men had the last word.

In the Atacama Desert in Chile, where the different roads that led to the salt peters met, there was a town with different services and businesses called Pampa Unión, which earned a reputation for debauchery and entertainment.

In 1938, a woman arrives at Mrs. Buenaventura’s bed and breakfast to find out more about the mysterious death of her sister. Following the trail left behind, she finds herself embroiled in providing the services the house offers to workers starved of affection. By now, the salt peter boom is almost over and all the businesses that sprang up as a result of this are dying out, with the bed and breakfast showing the signs of this. The three women face an uncertain future and an imminent destiny: the desertion and dismantling of Pampa Unión, a town that has slowly died, together with the dream of white gold. Mujeres de Pampa Unión is based on historical research on those who lived in this town, known as the most out-of-control place in the salt peter pampa.

Written and directed by: Laura Gildenberger | Cast: Gabriela Vega, Gabriela López and Mariana Barahona | Technicians: Claudia Morales (sound) and Arlette Ibarra (lighting) | Set design and creation: Fernando Meneses | Audiovisual records and promotion: Aitor Molina and Ivonne Morales | Musical creations: Hernán Rivas | Producer: Laura Gildenberger | A project initially financed by the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage’s National Fund for Culture and the Arts (Fondart) for the study of migrant culture.

“A piece whose story can’t be found in history books or in the numerous studies on the golden salt peter era in the Antofagasta region”.

—El Regionalista

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