Directed by Jaime Lorca


  • Español
  • 70 minutes
  • +10 años

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Directed by Jaime Lorca, seven puppet and object theater creators make up this sample, proving how powerful this style is becoming again on the local scene.

A kleptomaniac caught red-handed takes to the stand in front of an incredulous jury. A grandmother decides to accompany her granddaughter who is in the militia on the run. An obese child is left looking after his birthday cake. A granddaughter looks after her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. A woman who vomits a rabbit dreams of imaginary lovers. A kindergarten teacher with hates her job and has recently split with her partner is forced to keep her job to feed her children. A girl who’s running away from an orphanage to talk to her mother comes across a poem by chance. These are just some of the stories six actresses-playwrights use to bring the issues and esthetics they’re interested in to the stage from a feminine and relevant perspective, giving animated theater a gender sensitivity that has rarely been seen in local creations. These pieces are a result of Viajeinmóvil’s Animated Theater specialization program in July-September 2019, run by Jaime Lorca and teachers Julia Yevnine, Luiz Cherubini and Christián Ortega.

Cast: Sofía Arévalo, Karol Blum, Carlota Riveros, Loretta Stanton, María José Salinas and Pía Becerra | Directed by: Jaime Lorca | Dramaturgy teacher: Christián Ortega.

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