By La Mona Ilustre Adapted from the graphic novel by Francisco Ortega and Gonzalo Martínez


  • Spanish
  • 70 minutes
  • +8 años

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With accomplished visuals and theatrical showmanship, La Mona Ilustre brings the southern seas to the stage and graphic novel Mocha Dick to life.

A group of sailors sets sail on an expedition to hunt Mocha Dick, the albino sperm whale who is spoken of with dread in each and every port. The journey turns into a bloody hunt for the whale, since it’s said she only appears to defend one of her own. Time passes and there’s no sign of the whale because one of the crew, young Aliro Leftraru, has put his heart and soul into thwarting the trip, convinced that Mocha Dick is, in fact, the mother of all whales, from whom the Mapuche legend of Trempulcahue emerged. The voyage, tainted by superstition and the fear of what’s different, as well as by a disproportionate amount of ambition, takes the crew through the icy waters of the South Pacific to confront their fears and themselves. Mocha Dick is the sixth piece by the outstanding La Mona Ilustre company, with extraordinary visual effects from the graphic novel of the same name by Francisco Ortega and Gonzalo Martínez.

Directed by: Miguel Bregante | Cast: Isidora Robeson, Paula Barraza, Mercedes Mujica, Diego Hinojosa, Álex Acevedo and Nicolás Ruiz | Musical score: Camilo Salinas | Set, costume and prop designer: Katiuska Valenzuela | Prop development: Amanda Basaez, Nicole Salgado, Juan Diego Rivas and the UC Theater team | Set construction: the UC Theater team | Technical consultant for design elements: Eduardo Jiménez | Lighting designer: Miguel Bregante and José Luis Cifuentes | Written by: La Mona Ilustre | Theatrical consultant: Andrés Kalawski | Press and publicity: Fogata Cultura | Producer: José Luis Cifuentes | Coproduced by: the UC Theater and La Mona Ilustre.

«Mocha Dick is creativity taken to the max and a great gift from the current season»

—El Mercurio

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