By Andrés Kalawski | Directed by Aliocha

Directed by Aliocha de la Sotta


  • Spanish
  • 90 minutes
  • +12

A fiction that breaks all the rules, with the excellent Solange Lackington as a Gabriela Mistral ‘forced’ by a group of women to become a role model for feminism and tolerance.

Renowned director Aliocha de la Sotta directs this play, written by Andrés Kalawski and depicting Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral in Brazil in 1945, kidnapped by a group of women who are trying to change the world and who want to take advantage of her position to promote tolerance. As the first Latin American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, she’s the most famous intellectual on the continent, friend of presidents and consultant to governments, which is why she has the ability to address the world on many topics. In fact, her captors want to force her to write something very risky. In Mistral, Gabriela (1945), actress Solange Lackington plays the poet and Valeria Leyton plays Alicia, leader of the women’s movement that’s holding her hostage. It’s not a biographical production; it’s an impossible fiction and “a Mistral play with bullet holes” in the words of Andrés Kalawski. It’s a fantasy about an attempt to create a fairer world, in which millions of women would be able to love who they want to. It’s an exploration of different facets, contradictions and depths that breaks the mold Mistral has been cast in up to now.

Written by: Andrés Kalawski | Directed by: Aliocha de la Sotta | Cast: Solange Lackington and Valeria Leyton | Musical score: Fernando Milagros | Research: Mariana Hausdorf | Costume and set designer: Daniela Vargas | Lighting designer: Andrés Poirot | Wardrobe assistant: María Trinidad Barros | Hair and make-up: Franklin Sepúlveda | Produced by GAM Center.

“One of the high points of Kalawski’s script is the rapid disregard for the superficial (and selfish) approach that for years has tried to identify Mistral with the bland and infantile image of a ‘teacher’”.

—The Clinic / Culturizarte

Mistral, Gabriela (1945) uses originality to get to the bottom of the woman behind the poetry, with all her convictions and contradictions”.

—El Mercurio

“Solange Lackington as Gabriela Mistral is superb. This might be the high point of her career as a theater actress”.

Wikén Magazine, El Mercurio

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