By TeatroReconstrucción Directed by: Rodrigo Pérez


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This key piece from Greek tragedy is reinterpreted for the twenty-first century: an era in which issues like the patriarchy and gender constructions have become a fundamental part of national debate.

This version of Medea - a tragedy by Euripides - by outstanding theater director Rodrigo Pérez for TeatroReconstrucción takes place during a single night. As punishment, Medea’s forced to leave the place she came to with her two small children following in the steps of her husband Jason, making it easier for him to marry the daughter of the king at sunrise. She’s made to leave without her children, who will grow up at the palace, far away from their mother. This causes Medea to commit the crime she’s still famous for today. This production aims to make us reflect on the patriarchal contradictions in the domestic dispute between Jason and Medea and how what is political can influence not only a family’s construction but also its destruction. The idea is to retell this universal story from the here and now, raising specific issues and looking at them in depth in order to understand our own structures.

Directed by: Rodrigo Pérez | Cast: Leyla Selman, Patricio Ruiz | Music: Cristóbal Troncoso | Technician: Francisca Díaz | Producer: Sebastián Torres.

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